• Toronto, Canada … and a Beautiful Grandchild

    This year I traveled less in order to be able to spend a couple of weeks with my son, daughter-in-law and their new baby. Of course new babies don’t arrive on their due dates but as it turned out this little munchkin was really close. It was a nail-biter for me as I had booked my Toronto seminar long before I (or they!) knew about the impending grandbaby.


    The Toronto conference was fabulous … a joint conference put on by NASH (North American Society of Homeopaths) and NUPATH (Canadian National Association of Homeopaths). I spoke on the relationships between remedies which turned out to be a harder topic than I originally thought with more disparity between our (reference) books than I am happy about so that was really interesting to describe and explore. Lots of food for thought for everyone – including me!!!

    Pockets of Hope

    Sushila Lalsingh, one of the organizers, is also involved with Homeopaths Without Borders and she and Helen spoke at the conference about their recent trip to to Haiti …

    Sushila and Kim Sikorski

    Sushila with Lauri Grossman, Philippe, Nancy, Helen

    Lauri wrote about the last trip and gave an inspirational TV interview for Fox News.

    Living in Florida where there are no seasons to speak of I was thrilled to see a spectactular fall as we landed ..

    I loved the conference and had a fun trip into Toronto one evening. It’s a beautiful city that reminded me of Seattle.

    So What About The Baby!!!

    The baby was due the day after the seminar. I booked a round trip ticket (flying straight to the UK from Toronto) and hoped for the best. I arrived in England on Tuesday morning and a precious bundle weighing all of 6lb 5oz was born on Thursday! Oh happy days!! I got to spend a full two weeks with Daniel and Abby and little Amelia Freya.

    She’s the sweetest little pixie of a baby and Abby and Daniel are doing great as new parents. I couldn’t be prouder. I love babies. I love their delicious smell, their soft nestlings and cute mewings.

    My inner grandmother kicked in with piles of cooking and knitting!

    Here she is one day old!

    Everyone is tired but happy!



    Precious pixie!!!

    Granny love!!!

    Look at those amazing hands!


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